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The Sardinia Region
La Ciaccia BeachSardinia has a typical mediterranean climate and is a place where you can have an idyllic vacation and discover wonderful places that lie off the beaten track. The island, which is elongated in shape, extends from north to south. The vegetation of Sardinia’s northern and southern regions varies quite a bit as do the island’s cultural traditions, and Sardinians have adapted to these differences in their natural environment. The best known area in Sardinia is Costa Smeralda with its unique small sandy beaches nestled among many different types of cliffs that border the coast’s numerous bays.

Valledoria / Anglona Area
Valledoria is close to many historic sites such as Elephant Rock, Castelsardo and is at the mouth of the Coghinas River which has excellent conditions for surfing, windsurfing and horse riding.

Festivals are frequent and traditional throughout the year.

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The nearest beach is San Pietra. This is about a 20-minute walk through the town. There is free parking but during August space is of a premium. This long beautiful beach also has very fine sandy dunes but can have strong waves in windy conditions. A bar/café and restaurant is also at this site. This is also the mouth of the Coghinas River.

Facilities at San Pietro beachLa Ciaccia Beach

La Ciaccia beach is about a 5-minute drive. This is a sandy beach with a steep shelf and strong waves. Parking is free but limited. Not really suitable for young children due to the steep shelf in the sea but has a play area adjoining a bar/restaurant.

Badesi beach is about a 10-minute drive and is very sandy but again with a steep sea shelf. Parking has to be paid at the tourist information office at the sea front.

Isola Rossa is about a 15-minute drive. Beautiful, flat sandy beach with free parking. As is situated in a cove has very calm waters. Good amenities such as bars/restaurants, the Waterpark and shops close by.



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